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NxGen Services:

  • Smart Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap Development utilizing the Acceleration Framework

    • Expert Interpretation of YOUR Smart Manufacturing Assessment and Guidance on Next Steps​

    • Discovery Interviews to unlock areas of highest opportunity and organizational alignment

    • Building YOUR Prioritized Strategic Roadmap & Business Value Analysis

    • On-Going Mentoring on Roadmap Execution

    • 4-hour Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Framework Overview (Virtual or On-Site)

  • Focused Workshops On:

    • Establish and Standardizing a Continuous Improvement Program (Manufacturing Excellence)​

    • Continuous Process Improvement Training (Manufacturing Excellence)

    • Focused Improvement Workshop (Manufacturing Excellence)

    • Metric Definition and Standardization (Data Driven Culture)

    • Establish Corporate KPI Dashboard (Data Driven Culture)

    • Plant Capability Analysis (Data Driven Culture)

    • Transformational Leadership to Drive New Approaches and Empower Your Next Generation of Leaders

Everything we do is developed by Very Experienced Manufacturing Practitioners, so it's practical, actionable, and it works!
You can find one-pagers on each of these offerings HERE

Certified Courses developed by NxGen in Partnership with Rensselaer Polytechnic at Work and CESMII

Building Smart Manufacturing Sherpa's within the Manufacturer:  This is a 5-week, on-line course.  By the end of the course, participants will be armed with the skills and tools necessary to deliver the Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Framework and lead their company thru the development and execution of a Prioritized Strategic Smart Manufacturing Roadmap.

Consultant Acceleration Framework Certification Training:  This 6-week course prepares consultants to take the CESMII Acceleration Framework Certification test.  Once passed, CESMII will actively look for opportunities to engage it's certified Partners in assisting Manufacturer's with the Acceleration Framework process.  Only Certified Partners will be recommended.  (This course is targeted to be available in early 2024.)

Smart Manufacturing Community of Interest:  All individuals who have completed either of the two courses above, will automatically be enrolled in The Smart Manufacturing: Acceleration Framework Community of Interest.  This will provide networking opportunities to share best practices, pitfalls, resources, and much more.  The first year will be at no charge.  Currently there will be an annual fee to attend at the end of the first year.

Pricing and Funding

Please contact Doug Caywood at Doug.Caywood@NxGenGroup.Net for pricing on all services.  In some cases scholarship funds are available to offset the overall cost of each service.

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