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Unlocking Transformational Business Value through:

  • THE Industry Standard Smart Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap Methodology co-developed in partnership with The US National Smart Manufacturing Organization, CESMII

  • Developing and delivering accredited courses for Manufacturer's and Consultants to become "Acceleration Framework Methodology" Sherpa's.

  • Delivering Acceleration Framework Consulting for Manufacturer's and Certified CESMII Consulting Partners


NxGen Group focuses on evolving manufacturing and supply chain operations in response to today’s 21st century hyper-competitive environment of continual disruption. 

Who Are We?  We are a virtual boutique of highly tenured brilliant Manufacturing Practitioners from various manufacturing segments.  All of our tools and methodologies are designed FOR Practitioners, leveraging quick, highly cost-effective approaches.  Our core deliverables revolve around the industry standard Acceleration Framework developed in partnership with CESMII.  This Framework ultimately provides visibility to your current state, optimal future state, and a Strategic Smart Manufacturing Roadmap that can be implemented NOW to realize maximum business value. 

The New Reality

​The manufacturing world is irreversibly and fundamentally changing.  The past was about predictability, ever increasing productivity improvements and continual cost reductions.  The new reality is a volatile, uncertain and disruptive business environment.  


Future Manufacturing Leaders will be world class in each of the following:

  •  Aware: Immediate ability to spot strategic or tactical changes in global trends as well across your entire extended supply chain

  •  Agility:  Ability to respond “immediately” while maximizing business value for all in your extended supply chain

  • Endless Optimization:  Planning and Execution models that insure regular step function improvements in ALL key current and/or future Operations and Supply Chain Metrics, including Environmental Sustainability.

Getting "Un Stuck"

Expert Guidance and Insight

As organizations face disruption and develop their strategies to win, many become paralyzed trying to determine how to align their people, processes and technology to optimize their business goals.  NxGen Group has developed techniques and tools to help you through this.

  • Committed engaged Leaders

  • Execution and Strategy built on Insights

  • Clean alignment and awareness of Strategies, Goals, and Execution Plans up and down the organization

  • Quick, repetitive successes and proof points

  • Leverage NxGen Group's proprietary combination of Linear and Non-Linear methodologies

Linear Approach


Non-Linear Approach

Transformative Impact

NxGen Group experts are catalysts for transformative impact.  We address friction points that are limiting the efficacy of Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) investments.  Our approach integrates linear, continuous improvement with proven yet not widely deployed breakthrough approaches. 


Our network of tenured, deeply knowledgeable manufacturing and technology experts provides vendor-independent advice.  We are taking our collective knowledge and industry connections developed over the past 30 years to provide enterprise tools, methodologies and education, which empower, align and prepare you for this new worldview.  


·        Order of magnitude gains in business results

·        Focus digital transformation on mission-critical deployment

·        Reduce the negative environmental footprint of manufacturing

·        Sync workplace and culture with today's digital savvy workforce

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