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NxGen Services:

  • Smart Manufacturing Maturity Assessment and Strategic Gap-to-Goal Analysis ( a2i2 )

  • Transformational Leadership Workshops to Drive New Approaches and Empower Your Next Generation of Leaders

  • 90 Sprint to Business Value - showcasing Smart Manufacturing delivering results

  • Key Decision Maker Education and Understanding of the Value in Digital Transformation

    • (Including Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing principles)

  • Facilitation of Deep Dives into Friction/Pain Points of Organization

    • (Leverages Best of Class Benchmarking and Industry Participants)

  • Facilitated Discussion with Peers on YOUR Focused Topics of Choice.  Creating forum of trust for non-competitive discussions

  • Facilitated Development of Smart Manufacturing Roadmaps for your organization with Executive Engagement and Committment

A Little More Detail on The First Three Listed Services from Above...

Smart Manufacturing Maturity Assessment and Strategic Gap-to-Goal Analysis

The Problem:  The opportunity of smart manufacturing is a step-change in competitive advantage … making factories truly smarter, resilient and adaptable not just digitizing them. And people are the most important factor in this transformation.  Currently, smart manufacturing is technology-centric and mostly tactical and piecemeal.  Within this new context, U.S. manufacturing organizations lack a framework to guide their acquisition and deployment of capabilities.

The Solution:  We have developed the a2i2 methodology and governance model to help companies build and execute a plan to secure impactful transformational wins and to cascade them across their operations.  a2i2 starts with a crowd-sourced assessment that generates insights and pathways of action to close the strategic gaps-to-goals.  Inside this context, technology plays an enabling role not the central role. 

a2i2 v2.png

Transformational Leadership Workshops

The Problem:  The global business environment is in a state of continuous disruption and yet the current manufacturing paradigm only allows for incremental improvements.  For companies to realize the full potential benefits of Smart Manufacturing it requires a shift in executive mindset and a cultural transformation to parallel the digital/analytic transformation.  Today’s education programs are informative not transformative.

The Solution:  A highly engaging series of online and on-site working sessions to catalyze a new worldview in which executives have access to the true potential of Smart Manufacturing.  Utilizing our proprietary Old Game – New Game methodology participants are stimulated to recognize the current paradigm of manufacturing – people, processes, technology, information is increasingly disconnected from a global business environment that is increasingly volatile, uncertain and disruptive.  Participants generate a new mental model for playing a new game in a 21st century world of continual disruption.

changing the game.png

90 day - Sprint to Business Value

The Problem:  The typical time frame for a Smart Manufacturing project is 12-18 months from start to preliminary deployment.  The cost and benefit are hard to measure and justify.  The approving leadership has high uncertainty of the success of the endeavor.  The lag in realizing value is a bottleneck in the adoption of Smart Manufacturing capabilities and accelerating advancement.

The Solution:  Facilitate a focused , agile process to deliver a solution rapidly.

90 day sprint.jpg
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